Monday, November 19, 2018

Sorting the Garage Out and Coyotes

Greetings Earthlings.  It’s been five days since my last communication.  We have had contractors in to fix stuff.  Tomorrow there will be more of them.  For you house holders, ever so often go listen to your hot water heater.  If it’s popping, that means you have water boiling under a layer of sediment.  Fixes for this are either flushing or replacing the water heater.  Ours was installed in 1999, is way out of code and is being replaced. 

There has been garage organization.  Sometime in the past, a previous owner took pieces of two by four lumber and nailed them to the wall at the head of the garage.  Worse, they were not level.  We pried them off Friday and used nail hole spackle to fix the damage.  That stuff works really well.  It’s in a tube, comes out purple and turns white when it’s dry.  The consistency makes it easy to fill the holes.  We decided to get rid of most of the plastic storage bins from the storage unit.  We’ll only need these when moving in or out of the bus, and we don’t need this many.  On the right you can see some of the scrap debris created by the project.  We were going to put it out for the trash truck and see if they would take it.  Fortunately we hauled it to the curb yesterday afternoon, and someone came by and took it.  Problem solved.


I’m down to five boxes of Christmas stuff.  I used to have about five times as much.  Much time was spent distributing it across the house.


Coming back in the truck yesterday we saw this coyote sauntering up the road.  He was not in a hurry.  They’re cell phone photos, so sorry about the poor image quality.


Now he is in the neighbor’s yard.  Look lower right in the photo.  A couple of weeks ago, there was a pack of them in the wash, howling and yipping.  They sound like demented creatures.


There was a sunset tonight.


Other than that, we have nothing of any real interest to offer.


  1. Coyotes are consummate scavengers. They are the same whether they roam the fields around our farm in Nebraska or the desert of Arizona.

  2. Its good that the plastic got reused, another persons rubbish is someones gain etc.. I suspect that the coyotes are similar to our urban foxes who find easy pickings in the town and have no fear of humans.

  3. We have coyotes in Ohio, too. Complete with poop.

  4. Ahhh the sorting and organizing...there is much of that to be done!