Thursday, November 8, 2018


I did not think that things could get worse than Brian Kemp’s disenfranchising of thousands of Georgia voters, his inability to provide functioning voting machines with power cords, and his failure to recuse himself from the job which allowed him to oversee the election in which he was running.  However, I was mistaken.

The Arizona Republican Party has filed a lawsuit.
County officials were still counting more than 600,000 ballots when four local Republican parties filed the lawsuit Wednesday night. The suit challenges the way counties have allowed voters to fix problems involving signatures on some mailed-in early ballots.
The lawsuit singles out the state's two biggest urban counties, which are the base of Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's support. She and Republican Rep. Martha McSally are separated by only a few thousand votes.
So, if we don’t think we’re winning, we file law suits and alter the results of an election.

Yesterday the president fired Attorney General Sessions, and elevated his chief of staff to acting AG.  This would be the same person who is on record calling Mueller’s investigation a witch hunt and suggesting the best way to stop it would be to cut all funding.  No conflict here!

On the bright side Dino Rossi lost to Kim Schrier in Washington.  Dr. Schrier will be going to the House of Representatives.

Tomorrow a handy man is coming to do tasks that require standing on a ladder, which is something we no longer enjoy.  Progress on the house continues.

Update to post 11/13/2018.

On November 9, the AZ Governor tweeted this:

The RNC lawsuit was denied, the votes were counted and Kyrsten Sinema won.  Yea Kyrsten Sinema!

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  1. I emailed my senator (R) and asked him to answer one question with yes or no: are you going to protect Mueller? He's never answered before, so likely will ignore me again.