Saturday, November 10, 2018

Bike Hike

We’ve been outside a time or two recently that did not involve yard work.  I incorrectly equated “desert landscaping” with “low maintenance.”  That would not be the case.  Currently we are trying to kill off an invasion of Buffel grass on the other side of the wall.  If it would stay over there, we’d let it be.  However, it’s invading the hopseed hedge, which is very hard to weed, so chemicals are being used.  The grass is sick, but so far it’s not dead.

This is along the Santa Cruz trail.  Everywhere we go recently, there is a significant trail closure.  This does not really impact us, as we have to drive to the trail from the house, but it’s such a bummer for the people at Rincon Country West RV Resort.  Their spur to the trail was paved late last season, which was just wonderful.  Now, the underpass at Ajo is closed until 12/2019, which means they all have to ride down Mission Road (very busy road) to Silverlake to get to the trail.


I love the look of this rusting pole against the very blue sky.


There has been hiking among the cacti.


Look at the low point of the saddle, about mid picture.  That trail is accessible from the house.  We’ve been up there twice.


The orange flowers are normally spring bloomers.  They’re still in flower after the rains a while ago.


Look dead center.  There are three mule deer there.  They have a unique gift of standing so that I am forced to shoot into the sun.


We now have sun shades for the western facing patio.  The light fixture over the table has been replaced with a smaller, simpler fixture.  I’m really happy we outsourced the activity.  We could have done it, but it would have taken all day per each.

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  1. I've barely been outside since we got back and you guys are off hiking everywhere. I couldn't believe how green everything still is. Some projects are best left to the professionals. But I have a hard time convincing Jim of that.