Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some Pictures of the House That Aren’t Very Good

So here is a previously posted picture of the house from across the street.  It’s pretty good.  I like this picture.


Jim was up one calm morning with a gallon of glyphosate attempting to eradicate the bunch grass growing on the side of the wash.  This is going to be an ongoing project.  After two weeks, it’s pretty much dead, but it’s still standing.


There have been deliveries from Amazon right and left.  This is the office chair we bought for cheap at an estate sale.  They had a Sunbeam mixer I was interested in, but they wanted full boat retail for it, and would not come down very much on that price.  They’re sill available new, so if I decide I really need a mixer, I can get it on line.  The red rug is new – from Amazon.  On sale!  It makes it easier to move the chair about on the tile floor.


I think house photography is a skill, and it’s a skill I do not have.  I’ve taken multiple photos and they’re all pretty terrible.  That window in the front is definitely not helping with the lighting.  Anyway, here is the living room.


Looking right from the living room to the server.  I got that in North Carolina.  The reason the pictures are like that is because there is a giant nail in the wall holding up the top water color.  That server weighs about 400 pounds and we can’t move it, unfortunately when the movers placed the server, I didn’t notice that it needed to be centered under the giant nail.  This is our workaround to hide the nail and be symmetrical.


Moving further right, looking in to the kitchen.  The piece on the left is one that we had made locally.  It provides an amazing amount of storage for light bulbs, napkins, kleenex boxes and stuff like that.  It’s also pretty.  Bookcase on the right is courtesy of Ikea.


There is something about cabinets that don’t go to the ceiling that demands that you put stuff on them.  The flowered flour sifter was my Grandmother’s.  You can still see the 35 cents written on it in grease pencil.


My fetishes are seeing the light of day after being packed away for 10 years.  They’re happy to be out. 


THIS is the current bane of our decorating existence.  The TV needs to be on that angle to be visible to the two love seats.  Wouldn’t you think you could just scroll through a couple of websites and buy something to corral the cords and look better than this?  No, no you may not.  The router is 8.5 inches tall, and to get a low console, you don’t get a tall enough shelf.  We found one console that was OK, but it’s sold out.  I pretty much have the inventory of Overstocks and Wayfair memorized. 


So, progress is being made.  We’re happy with the kitchen, nothing else is needed in there.  It’s amazing how many plates two people go through in a day when you give up the paper plate habit.


  1. It looks very nice. The rule we made on moving was not to collect stuff. We had spent 30+ years in the same house and had amassed lots, which we got rid of. Would some spiral cable tidies help with the wires?

  2. I love that subdivision for it's location...trails right out the door!!!

  3. Your house is shaping up nicely. If and when we get back into a house I want to get one completely furnished like John and Pam did. This looks like way too much work for those of us not adept at interior design!

  4. We never (or at least rarely) used paper plates even in the motorhome. We had two dinner-sized plates and two lunch-sized plates, plus four bowls, all ceramic and washed dishes after every meal. Even though they were heavier to carry around, and we had to use water to wash them, having real plates made me feel less like we were camping and more like we were actually at home. Just one of my little quirks, I guess. Setting up a new home is hard work! Even in an "equipped" rental in Mexico, we are finding that we need to purchase all kinds of little doo-dads, mostly stuff for the kitchen, cleaning supplies, and of course, fitness stuff (weights, mat, foam roller, etc.) Lots of expenditures. I like your (grandma's) flour sifter. Vintage stuff is a pleasure of mine....