Thursday, November 29, 2018

Furniture and Christmas

Greetings Earthlings!  How has your post turkey coma been for you?  Its been pretty good here.  As I previously mentioned, we got the new furniture for the TV to sit upon.  It wasn’t quite ready for photography until the hideous outlets and wires were camouflaged.  That engendered the great basket hunt.  Home Goods – they have the goods when it comes to inexpensive decorating stuff.

The furry looking thing in the left basket is a rolled up throw I got at Walmart that completes the hiding of the outlet.  We like the piece, it’s Acacia wood.  The gray panel slides so you can reveal or hide what’s behind it.  This pretty much concludes the furniture acquisition phase of owning a home again.  The rug in front of it is one of the Navajo weavings my Dad acquired while working in AZ.


I will say that Santa Fe style homes in the south west do not readily lend them selves to Christmas decorating.  We have done a little, and I think we’re calling it good.  Actually, the whole thing about Christmas in the desert gets weird because it’s not cold and there are palm trees, and we’re wearing shorts.

Check out the price on the box of hangers.  They’re old.


So are these.  Old, really old. 


We do not often see “R.O.C” anymore. 


Behold the tree.  Yes, it’s artificial.  Real trees on the tree lots have already started dropping their needles because it’s so dry.  We decided to get a narrow white tree that no one would think was anything other than artificial.  Narrow is good because the house is not all that large.  I kind of like it, it’s like a decorated night light.


Vintage ornament with indent.  Look out through the window – climate and the holiday advertisements give me cognitive dissonance.


The village.  I used to have acres of this stuff.  All we kept was the starter set and it’s really enough.  The large man foreground is holding a teddy bear behind his back, to give to the little girl.  Cute, so very cute.


Less good weather is working its way to us from the GPNW.  They got walloped by heavy rain and high winds.  We’re going to get light rain and a drop in temperatures.  I may have to put on long pants.  The horror….  Anyway, it made for a pretty stunning sunset.

So that’s what’s shaking in the south west.


  1. RVs don't really lend themselves to Cgristmas decorating either. So we have a tiny tree that sits on a ledge behind the couch. My nativity set that my Mom made and stockings at the fireplace. That's about it. A few lights outside. I used to have a huge village also. Got rid of all of it. Rained last night and chilly this weekend. I will definitely have long pants and a sweatshirt on.

  2. Double wides are easier, but my heart has not been in for years. We put up a tree and spend the season preserving its decorations from the cat.

  3. I remember Pay-n-Save....How about Ernst Hardware....Pay-n-Pak...etc?

  4. Love the vintage Christmas ornaments, and I like your solution for hiding the TV cords. Looking good! Gorgeous sunsets as well. I guess I better think about doing the bare minimum of holiday decorating here in Mexico, though maybe I get a pass for the first year? Since we're just renting now (thru March 31), everything we buy will have to be moved one way or another, and without a car, it will be interesting. Happy holidays!