Sunday, December 2, 2018

HVAC and Home Decor

It’s December!  How on earth did the year get away like this?  Today started out dark, windy and cold.  Now it is sunny, windy and cold.  Yes, cold is a relative term, but really it’s all about my comfort level – right?  Tuesday, it’s supposed to get back into the 70’s which will be good.

We’ve been busy, well actually the contractors have been busy.  Friday we had the a/c and furnace replaced.  They were still working, but the fear was the a/c would die in the summer while we were gone.  The furniture hates it when indoor temperatures get that hot.  This is the old one.  The furnace blower was over amping and the flames in the furnace had yellow, indicating that it wasn’t burning hot enough with the possibility of producing carbon monoxide. 


The flotilla of new stuff.  We went with a vendor that works for Costco.  You know how Costco has the policy of if you don’t like it, bring it back?  They actually do a lot of research on stuff so that they sell things that people won’t hate, or else they make the vendor take it back.  Lennox did well in their surveys of HVAC quality.  Then they called Lennox and asked them who they like locally.  So that’s how it went.  They were not the lowest bidder, but they did additional things like replacing the metal on the plenum, and they routed the condensate tube out of the hall bathroom drain and took it out through the side of the garage.  The new touch screen thermostat is cool,  no reading of the pesky manual was required.


The new outdoor air conditioner on its new pad. 


Here is the other half of the a/c on top of the new furnace.  It is so quiet, the old ones used to rattle and vibrate.  It was a fair amount of money, but I’m glad we did it.


Today we sprinkled some art on the walls.  We hate putting nails in the walls worse than anything, but I’m glad these are up.  Kelly O’Neil Henson was a fixture in the Seattle sail boat racing community.  She would follow the boats in an inflatable taking photos which she sold to the racers.  These were taken at Big Boat Series in San Francisco when Jim was crewing on Cassiopeia. She is a Davidson 72. 


Before there was blogging, there were photo albums.  The above is the Ikea piece we assembled with great difficulty.  There are 15 years of Jim and me, starting with when we got married.  If I didn’t annotate the photos, we didn’t remember what happened.  They’re a complete storage issue, but turning the pages confers a pleasure that a laptop can not duplicate.

Here is some more Christmas.  I was burning tea candles last night on the new furniture, and the wood got pretty warm.   A one inch wide fuzzy foot (used for the bottoms of chair legs) stops the transfer of heat across the crystal on to the wood.


New tree skirt from Target.  The one I made (and hand quilted) for big trees just looked stupid under the tiny tree.  This is better.


More ornaments.  I really like the indents, they’re shiny.


Other than this, there is not too much happening in the Cold Pueblo.


  1. I love your statement- it's all about my comfort level. I have to remember that. Your tree looks so cool.

  2. Yes, "cold" is a relative term!!

  3. Hah! We were at Costco today talking to their HVAC rep!