Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Riding and Day 12 in the Swamp

We did a fast ride this morning.  We picked up a chip in the windshield of the truck the other day.  The guy from Speedy Glass was due between 1:00 and 5:00.  We figured if we weren't back by 1:00 that's when he would show up.  As it was, he arrived at 3:30.  But it did make us pick up the pace pretty good. 

It was another busy day in the swamp.  I cut and pasted this off Twitter, it was a nice summation.

To be fair, the thing about the threat to invade Mexico appears to be fake news.  So, we can disregard that bullet point.  The following is why Dodd-Frank is important.

The west continues to be in an uproar over the thought of selling all of that land.  A good article can be found here.
It's just another day in paradise!

But wait!  There's more!  He hung up on the Australian PM!


  1. i read in houston paper that exxon mobile made a bid to drill for oil in yellowstone park now that tillerson is onboard the gov.

  2. Tonight on the news the Australian PM said he did not get hung up on; that the call ended cordially. Saving face? So frustrating to think that our prez could insult the wrong person and start a really serious conflict. He speaks without thinking, which we all do at times, but this is the leader of the free freakin' world! SIGH...