Saturday, February 4, 2017

Love, Automation and Bias in the Media

It was another glorious day in the Old Pueblo.  We are entering the season of love for the doves and pigeons.  This dove is really interested in the palm tree just off our patio.  I am really hoping they don't nest there.  Their calls are really tedious.

Speaking of tedious, the wood peckers have been the bane of my existence this year.  They start screaming at dawn, and they're spending a lot of time on my hummingbird feeder.  We really need more hawks in the park to eat them.

I found this article on King 5 today.  It's not about politics, so it's safe to click on the link.  There is a video in the article about how they are laying up carbon fiber to make wing stringers and spars for the Boeing 777X.  Stringers and spars used to be riveted aluminum.  Now they are carbon fiber.  The technology required is just amazing.  If you have sufficient bandwidth to watch a five-ish minute video, I highly recommend it.  Awhile back I also posted a Seattle Times piece on how the carbon fiber fuselages will be driving themselves into the autoclaves, which is also worth looking at.  This is amazing stuff.

There was an interesting article about what's happening at NBC.
It looks to a lot of people like NBC and MSNBC are shifting right in order to compete for the GOP audience and appeal to Trump himself. The Trump administration’s increasing comfort with MSNBC and NBC only reinforces this theory. But as Fox News could tell them, once you start giving in and moving to the right, you may have a hard time stopping.
To me, NBC was bias neutral reporting.  Apparently, they're decided to deliberately inject bias in to their reporting.  Isn't one Fox Network enough?  Do we really need another one?

Suzanne sent me a link to this website.  It's pretty good, and you can mention the website's name around your parents.  Since WTF Just Happened Today is doing such excellent summaries, I feel that I will start talking about things other than swamp thing.


  1. I do like the format on that WTF site. It's a keeper. But still no substitute for your sardonic wit on the fiery Cheeto...

    1. Yay! You can speak now in the comments. I am certain I will be moved to speak about El Jefe Caliente at some further point in time.