Thursday, February 2, 2017

Something Good Happened on Day 13

Chaffetz backed down.  He withdrew the bill to sell all of that public land.  You can read the article here.
In the small hours of Thursday morning, US congressman Jason Chaffetz announced that he would withdraw a bill he introduced last week that would have ordered the incoming secretary of the interior to immediately sell off 3.3m acres of national land.
The fight is not over.  Returning to the states or selling public lands is a Republican party plank, so they'll be back.

Also, Chaffetz has not withdrawn the bill (H.R. 622) that terminates law enforcement functions of the BLM and Forest Service.  Law enforcement on public land would fall to local sheriffs.  This is not good.  Local law enforcement does not have the resources to cover all of those territories.  Keep resisting.

P.S.  I changed my timer to put me in sync with how everyone else is counting the days since the end of democracy.  So that's why the day numbers are different.


  1. but what you did notice they are going to kill bison at yellowstone to make way for exxon mobile

    1. I had not noticed. Could you please cite your news source?

  2. The link you posted does not work for me. Could you please check it? Thanks! This is good news!

  3. When a bill won't stand alone, they'll slip it into something else, like the anti-terrorist act or the help the crippled children act. These death merchants are relentless. Big mistake, America, voting for this dog and pony show so get ready to pay the price.