Friday, February 10, 2017

Hot Riding, Net Neutrality and the Shadow President

Today was hot. Really hot.  Ok, it was in the mid-80's but it seemed really hot.  We rode the 32 mile loop that goes through the University.  It's such a bummer when we hit campus on the hour.  All of the students are on their way somewhere, while looking at their phones.  It's terrifying.
The Rillito River was very interesting today. Parts of it were wet.  Interestingly enough, there was no water flowing over El Camino de la Tierra, as it has done in the past.  There was a little water fall just up the trail.  We could not figure out why some stretches were dry and some were wet.

Anyway, I'm glad we rode, even though we are now somewhat fried. If we don't get out in the heat, we won't acclimate.

Who remembers Net Neutrality?  The fight to maintain it during the Obama administration resulted in over four million calls to the FCC exhorting them to do the right thing - which they did.  However, the new administration has already undertaken the roll back of that policy.  Instead, there will be fast lanes for big spenders and slow lanes for the rest of us.  About a week ago Ajit Pai was appointed as head of the FCC.  He is a long time opponent of net neutrality.  One of his first actions was to ban subsidies to nine small ISPs who delivered internet to low income customers.  Pai is also taking steps to increase the costs of cable and satellite service.  This won't be good. More can be read here.

In other news, do you wonder what Steve Bannon, the shadow president, thinks about?  This article will clear it up for you.  He's a fan of Julius Evola, who developed a world view called Traditionalism.  In this view he conceived a hierarchy where Sun People (those would be white people) would tell everyone else what to do.  Originally Evola was a fan of the Italian Fascists, but finding them to be too soft, he switched his allegiance to the SS.  Great!  Just who we need steering the log of state.

Every day we wake up and wonder what has the man done to us today, and everyday he does not disappoint.

If you need some new way to kill time on the internet, we're currently looking at Int'l Spectator on twitter.  They show some interesting images.

That's it - that's all I've got. 

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  1. Those last two images are both wild, for completely different reasons, of course!