Saturday, January 9, 2016

Post Rain Photos

After a big rain, we like to go see if the washes are running.  The Santa Cruz was not, but the Rillito had pretty good flow.  There is so much vegetation in the river, it's difficult to tell just how much water there really is.  For that, you must drive over to El Camino de la Tierra.
We parked at the crime scene tape and walked down to look at the water.  It's impressive.  Oh look - it's Jim, walking.

This is running over a city street.

This is the upstream view.

It always amazes me that a river running over a road exists in the city limits.  Since River Road already has a bridge in place, there's nothing to be done for it.  

There was still snow. See all of those little white tents at the bottom of the photo?  The gem show is coming.  It just makes traffic intolerable for three weeks.  Yes, I know, it brings gazillions of dollars to the city, but it makes getting around difficult.

There was also walking yesterday in the cold.  This dog is amazing.  He's always out and he never utters a sound.  Some of the dogs in the park really need to be sent to school on not barking.  In my humble opinion if you're going to live in these close quarters, you should train your dog not to bark and lunge at people.

I took this with Jim's cell phone.  It was a fairly impressive display last night, after a day of rain, hail and possibly graupel. 


  1. Okay, you made me look up graupel. Have never heard the word before. At least we only had rain here, none of the frozen stuff.
    Good to see Jim on his feet!

  2. Cool new word for the day! :-) I like to see some graupel.

    Yay Jim!

    Amen to the dog training! Dogs need manners too.

  3. What a cute dog. Our Paisley is friendly with people but not always with other dogs. It's so embarrassing. She's fine in a group when they are all off=leash, but meeting face to face on a walk, on leash, she can be bad at times. We have been working on this for years (distracting her with a treat works best, but you have to remember to take a few in your pocket).

  4. This is the first time we have seen the "rivers" actually with water! Very cool! Nice to see that Jim has two feet on the ground:) The snow on the mountains is beautiful. A very pretty opening to today:)

  5. I agree about noisy dogs on sites but I suspect some owners might train the dogs to bark at passersby. Its interesting following Jims progress as a friend had the same thing a few years ago.