Thursday, December 1, 2016

Biking, Birds, Drug Prices

On Tuesday it was, once again, very windy.  We thought about riding, but since Jim was still suffering from the virus that will not leave his body, we decided we'd hike.  We drove up to Pima Canyon, which is a hike I reviewed in 2013.  It's a really pretty hike, but I would not call it fun.  It's arduous.

This is a bouldery section of the trail.  None of it is flat, and none of it is without rocks of some size or shape.  On the way back, you'll be walking down the sides of giant rocks.  None of it is not doable, but it's arduous.

A view of one canyon wall.

An attractive dead tree.

There are a lot of chollas with much fruit attached to them.

Wednesday dawned with calm winds and cold temperatures. One key learning for the day was to believe the temperature provided by the phone, and not to believe what our outdoor air temperature probe was telling us.  It gets heat from the sun and the bus and was too enthusiastic about the climate.  Here is Jim at the ball fields wearing arm and knee warmers and a vest.  I had glove liners, as well.

The other key learning is to be cautious around the park just north of Speedway.  Some idiot came zooming on to the bike trail on a motorized bicycle towing a bugger.  Instead of slowing and looking in both directions before entering the trail, he came out very fast and dove between Jim and me.  I was able to move left in a hurry and not be hit.  If he had hit me, it would have been bad given his speed and the weight of the bike and trailer.  I am still pissed about the level of stupidity involved with that move.  This is the second time we've been menaced there by someone with bad trail manners.

This morning was again calm, and cold.  We sat outside for a bit waiting for it to warm up  before riding, and so that I would quit reading Huffington Post.  Jim has entered a news blackout and I am trying not to tell him about the most recent affronts to the nation.  We were visited by hummingbirds.  Who's tired of hummingbirds?  I do want you all to know that I ruthlessly pared down the number of pictures.

This is the male, gleaming in the morning sun.

I believe both of these are females.  The one on the feeder is a girl for sure.

The second hummer came up and had a seat, and they eyed each other for a bit.

There was detente and a spirit of cooperation.

Then the newcomer menaced the girl.

The girl stood her ground.

And that was the end of peace at the feeder.

Have you found yourself wondering as to why prescription drugs cost so much?  This is an interesting article about who is driving up drug prices.  Honestly, I do not know why this is legal.  It is just infuriating.


  1. What camera do you use for these amazing hummer shots?

    Very interesting article. And I can only see it getting worse under the next administration which will certainly be pro-big business and money-grabbing everywhere at the expense of consumers.

  2. It's a Lumix DMC-G2. It's an obsolete camera, but I still like it. The 200 mm lens reaches out and grabs the birds.

  3. Excellent hummingbird photos and narrative. We are due for some really chilly weather here in Florida in the next week. I am not looking forward to tights and layers as it's been so nice to this point wearing shorts and light jerseys on bike rides. Are motorized bikes even supposed to be on the trail in Tucson? I have seen signs on the trails here saying no motorized vehicles allowed.

    1. No - motorized vehicles are forbidden. It doesn't seem to stop them, though.