Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nous Allons Faire du Shopping

I got the post title using Google translate.  We go shopping translates to "nous allons (we go) faire du shopping."  Faire du is loosely translated as "make" so we are making the shopping.  Apparently another English word has slipped into the French lexicon.  Week end was one of the first, there was no French term for it, so it became le weekend.
We slept in this morning.  Jim forgot to set the alarm and I had an interrupted night caused by our boorish neighbor who comes in at midnight, talks on the phone really loudly and wakes me up.  I'm tempted to slam the door one morning.  Anyway, we went out for breakfast at a place new to us that was very good.
We ran across this market setting up while looking for an ATM.  This is a lot of work.  It's right across from the city center Audi dealer.

Here we have the white asparagus next to a box of tomatoes.

Melons from Morocco.

We also saw a store dedicated to selling seafood.  The mussels on the right are from Spain.  They're in a basket with some seaweed, it's not clear to me how they are not dying or dead.

The shrimp on the left are labelled "bio" which I'm assuming means organic.  The ones on the right are from Greece.  Look at the guys in the back, they're really large.  This shop was next door to a shop selling only meat.  Those pictures were not appealing so we won't look at them.

Another pastry shop.

Paris has a graffiti problem.  The owner of this truck has given up.

These are everywhere.  Parisians ride them year round.  The cover draped over the bike keeps the rider's legs warm.  Parking is so difficult that these make sense.  Notice that there are two wheels in the front.

Jim hauling the basket at Monoprix, which is like a super Target.

They have nice looking produce, all of which is out of season.  Country of origin is labelled as France, so I guess it's from green houses.

Self serve fresh squeezed orange juice.

This young woman was wearing her cello.  They're about the same height.

So, the markets are interesting.  It used to be that one had to obtain food at the markets.  This is no longer the case, now there is Monoprix and other grocery stores.  Why do the markets persist?  We're hoping to make it to the Bastille market next Thursday, it's one of the biggest in Paris, to see what we will see.

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