Saturday, March 19, 2016

Climate News

Bonjour mes amis!  Comment ca va?  That's it, that's about all of the French I know.  Oh yes, and the always popular, "Ou sont les toilettes?"
Have you seen this graphic from the Weather Channel?  I saw it this morning when I was checking the weather forecast for Paris.  Plan accordingly for your summer travels.  The GPNW has been known to hit the 100s.  If fact, the last summer we were there it hit 103.  Most houses in the Seattle metro area do not have air conditioning.  It can be gruesome during the heat.

I know I said I didn't care if it rained every single day that we were in Paris, but I didn't mean it!  The forecast is looking very grisly.  Ah la - at least we will be somewhere different.  Perhaps the weather will hold down the lines for the museums.  One thing I would like to see while we are there is the Barbie exhibit.   Pretty cool, eh?  Barbie in Paris.
Knowing that it's going to be cold and wet, we started the process of dragging the cold weather clothing to the fore this afternoon.  We haven't been in that section of the closet for awhile, and we both discovered clothing we didn't know we had with us.  I hate packing.  I'm not good at it, which is why the RV is such a good thing.  Chances are there will be over packing, but at least we'll have dry clothing to change into.

This is a terrible picture of a prickly pear blossom.  The sun is so strong so early, it's tough to get nice photos.  We're been out walking early to avoid the heat.  It's hot here!

Other than the walking, the going to the gym and Jim's trips to physical therapy there is not too much to report from the Old Pueblo - until Friday!


  1. Paris, eh? Good for you. I'll check in for some "culture" from my desert boondock camp north of Moab. Bon Appetite, or something like that :)
    Box Canyon

    1. Hopefully there will be enough sun for pictures. We knew it wouldn't be great, but the forecast just sucks! But hey, we used to live in Seattle, we can deal.

  2. Maybe the forecast will change for the better. If not, at least you will be in a different rainy city!

  3. I envy the number of drawers in your bedroom! We have three apiece and are just now getting our full stash of clothes from my mom's. I've given so much to Goodwill, but I still have too much for three drawers and half a small closet. Will have to be even more ruthless, I suppose! Have a wonderful trip and good luck with the weather!

  4. Bonjour. Je m'appllee, Mr. Shife. That two years of French in high school really paid huge dividends. Have a great trip. Hope the weather forecast clears up for you.

  5. Great...we'll be in the PNW this summer!

    In my book rain (light rain) is better than heat!