Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hummingbirds, Planes and Visitors

We are still here, despite going radio silent for awhile.  There has not been too much that was photo worthy.  Except - hummingbirds!  There have been a fair number of departures of late.  We suspect it is because Easter is early this year.  Many RVer's feel compelled to be home for Easter with the grandkids, so they're pulling out, and taking their feeders with them.  So, the ungrateful birds have been visiting us more often.

The wood peckers keep hanging on the feeder and spilling nectar, which then dribbles down the side.  It then also attracts bees which doesn't please me.  This guy was licking the feeder, rather than just sitting on the perch and having a nice drink.

The bees around here are Africanized.  Honey bees in the northern tier states and Canada are still European honey bees.  They're calm and just sort of float through the air, going about their business.  The bees in Tucson are just beserkers.  Their movements are very fast and seemingly random.  We've seen on the news that they will also follow you for some distance if you disturb them, so there is no swatting here.

This plane has been in the area for awhile.  It's a KC-135R.  They originally entered service in 1957.  Since then, they've been re-engined and have had glass cockpits installed.  You can see the refueling boom in the back of the plane.  The next generation of tankers will be based on the Boeing 767.  I'm not sure when that goes into service. 

Thursday we had company from the great state of Washington.  This is Lizzie and Tony.  Jim used to work for Tony years ago.  Since then we've all retired and we're much happier for it.  We were able to sit outside, and it was a very pleasant evening.

Tony, Jim and me.  Lizzie has a gorgeous Canon DSLR with a big fat lens.  I have serious case of camera envy.

It's been very warm.  February had two solid weeks of above 80 temperatures.  We're supposed to get a cool down tomorrow.  That huge storm currently over California and the GPNW will be heading our way.  It's going to bring a lot of wind, but probably not rain because it is so dry here.  The dew point is 6, due to a humidity level of 5%.  I am using mass quantities of Chapstick and hand lotion.
Other than this, I have nothing to report, maties.


  1. How long you hanging in Tucson? Temps seem to have been above normal there this winter. We are missing (literally) the lush Sonoran Desert at the expense of exploring the Mohave this year. While beautiful, in an austere unfriendly way, I think once is enough for me :). We got hit hard with wind/rain last night, now just pitter patter showers. Any signs that you will have a good bloom this year? We caught the Super Bloom in Death Valley… but being jaded view snobs from Colorado where there are super blooms every July, were not as impressed as we should have been.
    Rolling east now,
    Mark and Bobbie

    1. Mark, looks like we'll be here through mid-May, can't stand it any longer than that. Surgeon says I'll be able to ride then so I will be getting re-acquainted with my bike on familiar territory. Not sure about the bloom this year as we have not been out in the desert much. Having said that, we did get a lot of rain in January and the cactus we have seen look like they are gathering strength for a bloom. Stay tuned for pics if it happens. Travel safe.

  2. And yes… I did make it up to the zig zag, several times :)