Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Consumer News

Greetings Earthlings.  This is an agave who is committing suicide via reproduction.  They put so much energy into that flower spike that it kills them.  It's an interesting strategy.  The thing is just huge.

I have consumer news for you.  As of late we have noticed the following trend.  When we sign up for a service for a set period, like a month or a year, with businesses like Hallmark Greeting cards, or Experian credit monitoring, the billing doesn't stop after the selected period of service.  They continue to bill in perpetuity.  After a google search on this subject, it's apparent that many companies are now doing it.  Even when you click "one month subscription" they just keep on billing, hoping you won't notice. So, I say to you, exercise eternal vigilance on those credit card statements.  It's fraud, but there doesn't seem to be any interest from the consumer protection agencies to do something about this. So it's on us to detect is.  It's annoying as hell.
If you're wondering (after today's bombing in Brussels), yes, we are still going to Paris.  One hopes that the golden bb does not find us.  It's unnerving and sad that things have come to this, that people have to wonder if they will survive a visit to another country.  We'll be getting to the airports very early, and expect that security will be excessive.  What an age we live in.


  1. Wishing you a safe and pleasant adventure in Paris!

  2. It's why I refuse any offers of "free trial." Direct TV is the worst, calling and offering free HBO, and all kinds of other channels for FREE. Read the fine print, or slow down the recording and listen close. If you do nothing you are automatically upgraded to a package that includes all those FREE channels. It is up to the customer to decline those upgrades and it has to be done within a narrow window of time just as the FREE is about to run out. Fool me once, and I'm a fool. Fool me twice and I'm buying a gun. What marketing whores, prostituting there products. Box Canyon, just as mad as you are. Oh, and you are fighting terror just by going to Paris.