Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Recent Maintenance Trip

We're back in Issaquah, after a few days in Harrisburg with our laundry list of things to be taken care of at Elite.  The main issue when we headed out was the water leaking into one of the storage bays.  Upon arrival, another issue popped up - the driver's side bedroom slide was not extending fully and it was also going out on an angle.  It also was not coming in all the way.
This is fog in the Nisqually Flats. It's a pretty area.  Most of the drive is just tedious, too many humans on the roads!

When we bought the RV, we did not ask the question; "where is the gravity fill for fresh water?"  After having two RV's we just assumed all RV's have a place where you can fill the fresh tank with a hose.  This is not the case, and it makes sanitizing the fresh water system a real pain in the butt.  One must have fittings for the city water inlet, and an extra water pump to force bleach into the system out of a bucket.  We elected to outsource that task.
We have the Manabloc system. You turn the knob to either admit water into the system, or turn it off.  It's the only portal to the fresh tank.  It was sold to us as a really neat idea, since you can turn off the water to a particular sink and run water elsewhere.  We have benefited from it when we removed the washer dryer.  Next time, we'll ask about the gravity fill; I want both.

Here is Marty climbing in the storage bays.  He puts the water on the bus, closes the doors and then looks to see where it's leaking.  As it turned out, there is separation between two layers of the bay doors, this allows water in; the water runs down the inside of the door.  It's not running where it can weep out, so it was hitting the bottom door gasket and running into the bay.  Hopefully it'll be a good fix and we'll stay dry in there.

The door latch was also leaking.  It's caulked now.

During the bleaching of the fresh water system, the ice maker filter was removed.  Here is Jim replacing it with a new one.

See the little blue knob next to the ice maker shutoff sign?  It started leaking after the new filter went in.  Friday afternoon we made a run into Eugene to buy a metal replacement for that valve.  Yesterday it stopped leaking - sometimes it's enough just to show it a new part.

Marty fixed the slide, the bolts on the slide ram were loose, allowing it to get out of alignment.  He also raised it, so it's not dragging on the carpet so hard, and it now fully extends without us pushing on it.  We are happy campers.
We're back,  and it's not raining at the moment.  Time for a walk.


  1. There are always things that need to be done. Nice that you were able to get them all taken care of at one time.

  2. It's nice when all works out:) Hope our front end problem is cured as easily!

  3. Fingers crossed you guys are trouble free for a while now!