Saturday, September 5, 2015

Smart Phone Batteries

I bought a Droid Bionic several years ago.  Enough years ago that as of today, I own it; so maybe four years.  Anyway, as of late, the battery has not been holding a charge well.  It's never had good battery life, but lately it was ridiculous.  The first replacement battery came from Amazon.  It was a dud, it could not supply enough power to get the phone through the power up sequence after being plugged in all night.
The second battery seems to work.  Here is the significant thing.  The battery on the left is the old one.  It's curved on both sides.  See how the corners don't make contact with the dinette surface?  The new battery is on the right, and is much flatter.

So, if you own an older phone, with a removable battery, take it out and look at it once in awhile.  I didn't know phone batteries would swell up and eventually leak.  Now we know, so don't let this happen to you!


  1. We had the same swelling with our Verizon jetpack battery but luckily it hadn't leaked either.

  2. We had the same problem as Jim and Gayle. I had no idea either that the batteries would swell - they told us it was from overcharging them.

  3. I was over at Ms. Moon's blog and saw that you were from Seattle and that you mentioned the rain. I am from Vancouver Island and we are having that same gruesome rain. Driest summer in 120 years and now everything is grey and gloomy. Might still get a few nice days yet though. :-)

    My employer provides me with a cell phone so I don't have a personal cell. Now I need to go and check the battery. Maybe if the battery dies I have an excuse for not showing up to work as I have my daily schedule e mailed to me.

    I hope you are feeling better after your surgery. :-)