Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day One Post-Op

Just call me Rambo! This is day one post-op and this thing has to stay on my head until tomorrow.  It is very uncomfortable. 

Yesterday exceeded expectations of how bad this would be.  We arrived at the surgical center at 1:30.  They took me back at 3:00.  That was a long time without food or water.  I will say they were nice and accepted my word that I only have the one good vein left, and did not stab me repeatedly trying to get an IV going in the left arm.  Those veins are toast.
Once in the operating room, we all chanted "left" in unison so that there would be no question as to which ear was being worked on.  Dr. Duong did have to remove bone from my ear canal in order to see the ear drum.  Thus, upon awakening the pain was just formidable.  They were again, very kind, and shot me up with Diluadid. That is a miracle drug for pain.  That was about 7 pm.
Then it was time to head for the restroom.  I made it in ok, but on the way out I began losing consciousness while walking back to recovery.  My pulse dropped to 30 and my BP was dropping, as well.  Jim said the anesthesiologist wasted no time injecting epinephrine into my shoulder.  That was a trip.  It felt like I was giving off sparks.  My heart rate took off and stayed elevated until 4 this morning.  Trying to sleep was impossible, I could hear my pulse in my occluded ear; it was like being in machine room with that thing pounding away all night.
Today, I've been taking pain meds every four hours and nodding out on the couch.  Hopefully tomorrow I can begin tapering off.  The ear cover comes off tomorrow, then we can wash my head.  Looking forward to that.  There will be about 6 weeks of showering with a dixie cup over my ear to keep the water out.  That part is not so much fun.
So far, I'm eating pudding, boiled eggs and cereal.  Tonight there may be noodles.  Yay!!!!!


  1. Glad the surgery is over with and hopefully each day is getting better with less pain.

  2. What an experience! Fingers crossed that each day, heck each hour, things improve!

  3. I'm sure you're glad that is over. Sounds like quite an experience!

    Jim says he likes your new look;-)

  4. Love your new look! Maybe you can start a new trend:) Seriously, glad your surgery is over and went well. Keep us posted on things progress. Please, we need a photo of the dixie cup at shower time!!

  5. Aw man, that sounds pretty awful, Allison. SO sorry the pain was so bad (in between drugs, anyway). I feel for you! And showering with a Dixie cup sounds like a royal PITA as well. Hope this time passes quickly and the inconveniences and pain will all be worth it in the end.