Thursday, September 17, 2015

RV Storage Bays and Random Photos

As you know, we're in Issaquah, which backs up to the Cascade Foothills.  It rains a fair amount here.  After a dry couple of months we got a toad strangling rain at the end of August, along with a lot of wind.  The storage bay on the forward driver's side slide had an INCH of water in it.  An INCH!  I didn't get any pictures of that event, unfortunately.  Using our wet/dry shop vac, we were able to get the water out, and then dried it out over a couple of days.
A few days later we had more rain, which wasn't as heavy.  However, we did take on more water.  Here is the front corner of the bay with water in it.

There was water coming up underneath the heavier items.

The whole bay was damp, and had to be unloaded and dried out again.

Here comes the weird stuff.  See those boxes?  The top of every single box is dry. 

Our trusty shop vac, full of water.

This is the top of the bays.  Dry - dust everywhere.  No evidence of water infiltration anywhere.

It is so weird.  Water appears on the bottom of the bays.  It's not dripping down from the top or the sides, they're totally dry.  I need someone to explain to me how this happens.

In other news, here are a few interesting things we've seen.  I took this in the parking garage of the surgeon's office.  This is a very informative sign.

We've been walking a lot (when it's not raining).  This is a morning glory.  It's the second most invasive plant in Washington, right after blackberry bushes.

This is one of the local bunnies.  They like to hang out by our back tires.  I saw on the news that Langley, a small town in Washington, is being over run by rabbits.  Apparently a few escaped from a county fair 10 or so years ago, and they have been fruitful and have multiplied.  Their tunnels are wreaking havoc with foundations and football fields. I was unaware of the fact that rabbits tunnel.

Jim had his second squamous cell carcinoma excised this morning.  We had to be there at 8:00 am, so we were up very early.  It's making the day very long, since we've been awake for so much of it.  We're having sort of a down day while he recovers from the stress of the scalpel.
Monday I see the surgeon again.  I believe it will be the unveiling of the ear drum.  I'm really hoping it will be the end of showering with a plastic cup over my ear.  Tuesday we're heading to Oregon to see Erik about the storage bay leak and some other stuff.  Of course, the RV knows it's going to Elite, so even though it's raining today, it's not leaking (yet).

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