Monday, September 28, 2015

More Random Photos

We've had two good days of weather.  There has been much walking.  This the Darigold milk plant.  It's in downtown Issaquah; we're always surprised that it is still here in such a densely populated area.  They just got through painting tanks red and white.  They look good.  There's a milk truck parked out front.

You know how I'm always whining about the traffic here?  I took this on one of the busiest streets in Issaquah yesterday.  The Seahawks were playing at home.  No one was on the streets.  It's a good time to go grocery shopping.

Fall is definitely here, the leaves are changing.

The corn is being harvested in Carnation Valley.

The rabbits are eating the grass.

This is a cool old truck.  It's an ancient GMC.  Apparently it still runs.

We have not too much to report here.  I went to the eye doctor today, and he dilated my eyes.  Seven hours later, I still can't see very well.  It'll be good when my pupils return to their normal size.  Other than this, we're in wait state until we return to the surgeon's office.

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