Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wind and Bank Stabilization

Greetings Earthlings!  How are things on your piece of the third rock?  It's windy here.  This is day three of blowing the dog off the chain windiness.  It can stop any time now, it's wreaking havoc with my contact lenses.
As you no doubt recall, I had a head and neck MRI awhile back to look for any potential causes for the headaches I've been having.  Friday I went back to talk to Dr. Grund about the results and I am pleased to report there's nothing up there.  Arteries are non-occluded, sinuses are clear, ears are clear all the way through; there's nothing up there that shouldn't be there.  So, as to what's causing the headaches, we have no clue.  I'm leaving it alone at this point, maybe there are too many negative ions in the atmosphere.  The good thing about the whole exercise is that we now have a GP in Tucson if either of us needs one.  Their office does family practice and geriatrics, so we're covered for the long haul.

Yesterday was also predicted to be windy, so we were up and out early doing hill repeats locally.  In addition to being a big weather baby about cold, I do not enjoy riding in gusting wind.  So we rode hard on the hills and stayed close enough to the RV to high tail it home if it became too obnoxious.

This was taken on Ina yesterday afternoon.  We were turning left onto the freeway, and the entire north of us was obscured by blowing dust.

There was no Sunday breakfast ride for us due to high winds, so we drove up to Starbucks with Don and Jamie.  It always annoys me at how dang loud the music is.  It's a coffee shop!  People are supposed to have coffee and converse.  Who can converse when being drowned out by mournful music?  The whole background music thing mystifies me.
After Starbucks we all went over to Home Depot.  Jim and I found a new carpet runner so we could 86 our previous runner; it's been creeping against the end we glued to the floor and had just uglied out.  This one is a low shag and it's heavier.  Maybe it will not creep.  The good thing is that it's long enough to glue both ends to the tile.  I have an industrial strength glue gun and I'm not afraid to use it.

In other news, work on the bike trail south of Silverbell is in full swing.  We've been looking at the project wondering why on earth so much heavy equipment and moving of dirt is required for a steenking little bike path.  Well now we know.
This is the bank across the Santa Cruz river bed.  The bank has been armored for those occasions when the river runs, so that the water does not undercut the trail.

Click on this to make it larger.  Apparently the Army Corps of Engineers comes in to do bank stabilization.  After they are done, some other government entity will come do the actual bike path.  It's going to be nice.  One will be able to ride out of the park and hit the trail without getting on the road.  Many of the park residents do not enjoy riding with cars, so this will improve their enjoyment of bicycling in Tucson.

Other than a clear head, and our continuing quest for a return to strength and fitness, there is not much else to report.  That is all, maties.

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  1. Glad to hear your head is clear!

    It seems that Tucson is windier than the PHX area. We just moved from SE PHX to N of Scottsdale and it's just been a little breezy.

    We were wondering what all that heavy equipment was for! Thanks for clearing that up!