Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Kids at Camp

We're starting to feel like the last kids at camp.  The ranks are really getting thin at Rincon Country West.  Don and Jamie headed out this morning to return to Winnipeg.  Before going, Jamie gave me one of the flower stalks from her orchid, since they can't go into Canada.  I love orchids.

This is Don and Jamie last year.  This year's picture didn't turn out because I had them looking into the sun.  Bad photographer!  Bad!

There they go.  Should we tell them it's snowing in Fargo?

I found this on a thumb drive yesterday.  This was taken Thanksgiving weekend 2006 in Oregon.  This is how we used to spend winters in the GPNW.  I will list for you what I am wearing below the picture.

From the top:
  • A headsock under the helmet, and a helmet cover over it
  • Long sleeved undershirt, long sleeved jersey and jacket
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Bike shorts and heavy tights
  • Toe booties over the bike shoes
Only one fender is on the bike in this picture.  If you could see the entire front wheel, you would also notice the mud flap which prevents water from spraying up onto your shins and then running into the shoes. This is how we spent the winters - putting layer upon layer of clothing on and going out into the wretched weather.  Tucson is so much better.

In other news, there is not too much to report.  It's still windy, so we'll be up and out early tomorrow to begin the mileage goal for April.   We've been here long enough.  It's time to go.


  1. The thought of riding in all that gear and all that wet is wonder you got the itch to go South!

  2. We rode a few times in cold enough weather that we needed heavy clothing, but not in the rain! That is dedication to cycling. Now upper 50s is where we draw the line!

  3. Good you are now riding in warmer temps!

    Our park really emptied this AM with 25 of us heading on the road.

  4. I am behind on reading blogs due to our travels from southern Arizona back to KC and getting settled in. I love the photo of you in all your gear on your bike. I've worn all that gear before except a helmet cover. But I have to ask: It looks like you are riding my bike! Is that a Trek Pilot 5.0 47 cm? I bought mine used on Ebay at the very end of 2012, but the seller said it was a 2006 model. The way bikes get bought and sold all over, I just had to wonder when I saw that pic!