Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Cactus

Yesterday was windy.  So was today, but less so.  Rather than ride in the wind, we opted for a hike.  It was a gorgeous day.  We went up Bowen and down Hidden.  We usually go the opposite direction, but decided change would be good.

The ocotillo are in bloom.  There are a lot of them this year, which is surprising given how dry it's been.  We did notice that not too many of them have leaves.

The Buckhorn cholla are starting to bloom.  This will be really pretty in a week or so.

Another brightly colored flower.

Hopefully tomorrow the winds will subside and we'll be back on the bikes.


  1. Your cactus photos are gorgeous! We also skipped riding on windy Wednesday and enjoyed a day at Patagonia Lake State Park. The tents were blowing around! We spent most of our time birding and hiking on the creek trail, which was somewhat protected from the wind by all the trees. We did ride yesterday, though. The wind wasn't too bad when we headed out, and on the way back, we had a terrific tailwind!