Friday, March 21, 2014

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

We went to the spring 4th Avenue Street Fair today.  It was a good day for it.  It was warm, but the high thin clouds kept us from being baked.
This is Ukelele Catfish Keith.  We saw him last year, as well.  He also plays the kazoo and sings.  He's quite the musician.

As always, there is meat.

I like the display in front of one of the stores.

This gentleman's sign says "The universe is sending you messages."  It wasn't clear if they were text messages or tweets.

Of all of the art, this was the best.  They're clay pots, after firing they're polished and etched by hand.  Look at the detail.  The artist is Santiago Gutierrez.   He's from Nicaragua.

Here he is, with dental tools etching the design in to the pot.  The detail is just phenomenal.

This dog is wearing sun glasses.  They're called Doggles. It wasn't a good venue to be selling them because dogs aren't allowed.  This is a service dog, and so he was able to attend and buy sun glasses.

We had lunch at the Epic Cafe.  It was good.  It's an eclectic little bistro.  Here is Jim wearing his Panama hat we got in Italy.  Is he not cute in that hat?

That was today.  Tomorrow we're back on our bikes, completing our mileage goal for the month.