Saturday, March 29, 2014

Things Seen From the Bike and the Truck

Friday's ride took us through the Christopher Columbus Park, where we saw this.  These are RC boats, they're about 3 feet in length.  They have gas engines and they are fast.  I think their speeds were around 60 mph.

Look at the rooster tail.  Two of the three boats racing flipped and had to be rescued.  They throw a weighted string at them, and attempt to pull them to shore.  I think they need a rescue kayak.

Today it was windier.  We went north on the trail and south on the frontage road.  It seemed that there was a head wind in both directions, not sure how it does that.  We did notice yet another steenking yellow tree producing pollen.  I have not a clue as to what this is.

Things are blooming in the park.  I can't identify this bush, either, but aren't the blossoms just amazing?  They look like a cross between a lantern and a party hat.


And there are cactus.

This is my favorite.  Notice how the blossoms are different colors on the same plant.

Later we went out to run an errand.  This is Jim in his flowered shorts.  Pretty cute, eh?

Check out the front gate of this house.  I love the color they painted it.  The fence uprights are ocotillo ribs that they stuck into the ground.  Most of them rooted and are growing.

Some of them are blooming.  This photo is a zoom of the blossoms in the fence.

It appears that we're planning to leave Tucson on April 19. At that point my blog may become less boring as we head north.  At least there will be pictures of things we haven't seen for awhile.


  1. That gorgeous flower is a yellow bird of paradise. Things sure are greening and coloring up nicely around there.

    I did not know that occotillo sticks would root like that! Very cool!

  2. I love your flower photos -- that one exotic one is GORGEOUS! Even the yellow polleny tree is pretty to me. And I love the gate and fence at that cute house too. I've been noticing the nice looking gates and fences at some of the homes here in Patagonia too. Seems to be a common thing in the southwest. Love when they use unexpected colors!