Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Winter Solstice

Greetings Earthlings.  Have you missed me?  I have spent much of this week continuing to suffer from the plague.  Wednesday and Thursday were consumed by a sinus headache of such intensity that my hair hurt.  It was gruesome.
Friday I was better, and completely bored so we went over to Lazy Days RV Center to see what convection/microwaves the makers of high end RVs are installing.  Why, you wonder, would that interest us?  Well, that would be because ours has some sort of electrical weirdness that causes the 20 amp breaker to trip during use, after use, or sometimes when it's not doing anything.  It's supremely aggravating.  A new unit must be procured by special order, and then we must get on Ken's schedule to have him install it.  It is always something.  In the meantime, there will be no potatoes or pizza, which vexes me to no end.
Today's outing was to go look at over the counter convection/microwaves.  We were hoping for something different than the Sharp we currently have, but it's not looking good for a change.  Our cabinet depth is such that it looks like we'll have to get another Sharp, or engage in extensive changes to the woodwork (noooooooooooo).
We did see Santa leaving the mobile home park that is adjacent to our RV park.  That is a 1963 Impala he's riding in.

Here is Santa being driven by his main elf.  There were about 8 more beautifully restored cars following this car.  It's unfortunate I couldn't get better pictures of them all.

It's been cold and damp for the past two days.  We drove up to the top of A Mountain to look at the sky.

The clouds did provide a pretty good sunset later in the day.

Last night Jim and I were talking about how it's sort of weird to be in a half empty RV park watching Alien movies, and in other parts of the country people are getting snowed on and doing last minute Christmas shopping and how disconnected we feel from our culture sometimes.   Then we realized what day it was, and that AGAIN we totally spaced out on the fact that the 21st is our wedding anniversary (28).  I think we might have better luck celebrating the Winter Solstice.  At least the weather man will bring that to our attention.


  1. Happy anniversary/solstice! Wonderful sunset pics, we've been having some doozies here too. (Same sunset, I know!)

  2. I do all my potatoes on the grill. I also do homemade pizza on the grill. It is amazing how much you can cook on the grill.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. We spaced out our anniversary last month too. That's when you know you're truly in it for the long haul...not even counting the years anymore! Great shot of Santa in the Impala.