Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good Weather and a Sunrise

The weather has been spectacular as of late.  Yesterday was just stellar in its perfection.  Unfortunately, the GPNW will be sending us their wretched low pressure and things will deteriorate over the next few days.

This was dawn today.  We were up at oh:dark:thirty to go see the ear nose and throat doctor.  Sunrise was very impressive.  The visit to the doctor was painful.  For reasons not clear to me he dumped some steroid ear drops onto my perforated ear drum.  As they ran through my middle and inner ear and then on to the back of my throat, the pain was just excruciating.  It took several hours and the better part of another perfect day to settle down.  Note to self, no steroid drops in the ear, ever.

We have another Christmas Cactus blossom.  I took this with my Canon Elph 110 HS.  It does a pretty good job with shooting close up.

This is Orange Grove.  Look sort of in the middle at the white sign.  It says the bike lane is closed ahead.  Yes, I believe it might be closed as they are digging up the old road.  Hopefully this project will complete in my life time, and there will be a good bike lane.  Now that Campbell has bike lanes, one can ride up and down without fear of being run over.  The addition of Orange Grove bike lanes will make a good loop.

Ken will be here in the morning with our new cooling unit for the refrigerator.  Happy I will be when the refrigerator is fixed.  I am looking forward to not shopping every other day.   We have Pilates and then I have PT almost immediately after, so it will be a very full day. 

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  1. What an amazing sunrise! Love your Christmas cactus photo as well. Looks like most of the country got hit with that horrible arctic cold front. Hope it warms up again soon!