Friday, December 13, 2013

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

Today was the opening of the 4th Avenue Street Fair.  Since we'd already hiked, we decided to try to park closer to 4th Avenue than we usually do.  There is a new parking garage downtown.  This is the Jim Glock overpass from the garage over 4th Avenue.  Jim Glock is an out going transportation director.  So this is his bike bridge.

There is much food at the street fair.  This pleasant young woman was handing out samples of the tri-tip.  It is SO GOOD.   We contemplated buying an entire tri-tip and taking it home, but in the end decided not to.

The is the smoker cooker for the tri-tip.  Notice all the wood on the left.

This guy was great.  He was alternately singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and playing the kazoo.  He had a really good voice.

More food.

More psychics.

This was one of my favorite booths.  They were selling proton alignment resonance technology bracelets.  I love that!  Not sure what it does, but that is a magnificent product name.

Look at the guy on the far left.  He's playing a saw with a violin bow.  It was a very interesting sound.

More food.  These are tornado fries.  They take a potato, and make one long strip out of it and then deep fat fry it.  I bet they're good.  They're served skewered on a stick.

These people were new this year.  Check out their menu.  Alligator!  Frog legs!  Sharks!

However, this was the best of today.  Bacon lemonade.

It was a good day.  We had a good 2 mile hike and then my foot had enough left in it to walk 4th Avenue for a couple of hours.
Now I feel as if I am getting a cold.  I'm hoarse and raspy and I feel terrible.  Let the whining begin!


  1. I love going to fairs and outdoor markets. Looks like there was something for everyone here. The smoked tri-tip sounds really good too.

    Great news on your ability to walk for extended times on your foot. You've come a long way from those bandage days.