Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hiking on Cat Mountain

I continue to be less sick with each passing day, although there is still a fair amount of fatigue.  It's very annoying.  Today was a hiking day.  I can ride in 53 degrees, but it's not my favorite thing to do.  We headed out towards Cat Mountain.  Today we parked in the old parking lot, and walked up around the new gate.  It's not any shorter than using the new parking lot but the terrain is more pleasant.  This is what you see when going towards the trail.

View from the trail after gaining some elevation.

This was taken with zoom and much cropping, so it's somewhat indistinct.  Earlier, we saw these two on the trail riding towards us.  When either one would have to put a foot down, they'd turn around and ride the section until they could clean it.  The rider in the white jersey clobbered a rock with a pedal and fell downhill.  He got right back up again, which was impressive.  See the rocks at his feet?  That's the trail.  There are many big rocks on that trail.

This is our new method for carrying the hiking poles.  Those are clamps we bought at Lowe's.  The things sticking up in the vertical are to increase the size of the object one can clamp.  They work perfectly for containing the poles on the side of the truck canopy so we can reach them without lowering the bike rack and the tail gate of the truck.

So that was today.  Tuesday we are planning to go out to Fantasy Island to see if I can still ride a mountain bike.  That should be interesting.


  1. That looked like a crazy biking trail!! Glad you weren't riding.

    Good to hear you are feeling better:)

  2. Seriously, those two guys are way more dedicated and determined to master a trail than I ever would be. Of course, I avoid super rocky (and steep) trails whenever possible!