Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trivial Complaining

Clearly my life has reached new depths of non-interest if I am blogging about stuff that annoys me, but it has and I am. Exhibit One: The dedicated brownie maker. Why would one own a single function electric appliance whose only function is baking brownies? This company also markets a device that makes donut shaped items, and circus animal shaped items. I think I'm losing touch with my culture again.

My second complaint concerns NPR. I was listening in the truck yesterday and the announcer says, "Up next is actor ........ who plays the spy in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy." The movie just came out and they're already broadcasting spoilers and telling us who the spy is. WTH? The media used to not do this, I remember a huge uproar when Time magazine discussed the ending of The Sting months after it had been released.

The pigeons are on the roof of the RV. The males are ready for love. They're very annoying. They make a one note call, over and over and over. We need some hawks here.

The weather heads are predicting 9 inches of snow tomorrow in Kitsap County and Seattle metro. NINE! It's really hilly, there are very few plows, and the area will be paralyzed. Jim is supposed to fly out on Thursday, we are really hoping the he makes it out of there.

Other than this maties, I have nothing to offer.


  1. I'm so with you on being annoyed by the brownie maker. Seriously.
    I hope Jim makes it out of here. Snowmageddon...