Monday, January 30, 2012

Perfidy and Malfeasance

Greetings maties! Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the burrow, we discovered more perfidy and malfeasance perpetrated by our friends at McMahon's RV in Palm Desert, CA.

We've had the RV in for work, and we provided Premier RV with our receipt, and our policy and our brochure for First Extended, which is our extended warranty provider. Problem is, First Extended has never heard of us. It would seem that McMahon's accepted our check for the extended warranty and then kept the money. They did not send it in, and we do not have coverage at the moment because they kept the money. I can not tell you how angry I am at these people. I knew they were snakes, but I did not realize they were in the business of theft, which is what this is. They've had 4 months to transfer payment to First Extended and they have not done it. So, tomorrow, we'll be back at Premier, on the phone to the Head Finance Weenie of McMahon's starting the laborious process of making them do the right thing. I have such a headache.
So, for those of you entering the glamorous world of Class A ownership, here is another pitfall of which you should be aware.
The really cute mammal in the picture is a round tailed ground squirrel.


  1. What a bloody mess! Give them a huge headache & keep at them till you prevail! Call the local BBB & threaten them with a lawsuit. Then sue them if they don't make it right.

  2. Uggh. How frustrating. Mostly because it sounds like hours of being on the phone and dealing with unpleasantness generally frittering away your time on the planet.