Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

The downside to living in an RV park is that generally they're not in the most desirable part of town. Often they are close to freeways, trains, airports or all three. Frequently one is in a part of town one would not normally choose to inhabit. Our part of town has a New Year's Eve tradition of firing guns in to the air at midnight. Last night was no exception, we're pretty sure one of those guns was fully automatic. Apparently the local school system did a poor job of teaching the effects of Newton's law of gravity. At 4am we had a helicopter hovering over the wash, tracking the progress of some miscreant, accompanied by sirens on the ground. If you're beginning to suspect I didn't sleep much last night, you'd be correct. I'm glad it's only once a year.
May 911'ed herself back into Swedish Hospital last night, they admitted her. No new word on that front.
May you all have the sort of year you're hoping for.

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  1. I grew up next to the Fort Knox reservation. Big artillery going off all of the time. Rural area and so yes, rifles were shot on New Year's and Fourth of July. Never thought anything about it. Now, if I heard this now in the city I might have concern.

    Get some good rest tonight!