Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Bird is not the Word

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? We are resolving to reinstate multiple day menu planning so we stop going to the grocery store every single day. That gets expensive and then we end up with convenience foods. We haven't started yet, but I'm hopeful. I need to write down everything I know how to cook, assign it a number, and then use a random number generator to come up 7 days worth of menus.
We found a new RV resource today and happy we are. They are Premier Motor Coach Services. We originally were going to use them just to install a new TV (which will require cabinet work), but they do it all. They can replace flooring, remove slide rooms, cover the walls in wood, whatever. I'm about to throw a rock through the TV. It gets stuck on the install menu and/or the sound goes out. It's not muted, it's not making sound. Anyway, it looks like we'll be able to get the TV installed and the shelving we want done locally. They do nice work, they took us through a couple of RVs they're working on, and their cabinetry is impressive.
Ken of Cameron's Reliable came out to look at the RV yesterday. Our BIRD is dead. It's a Bi-directional Isolator Relay Delay that uses shore power to keep the chassis batteries charged. It's broken. We're fortunate that we were able to start the engine upon our arrival from Seattle to build up air pressure to level the coach. Ken is bringing new batteries Saturday, I am aghast at how much they cost. Aghast and aggrieved. However, it is what it is.
We went for a hike today, it was just a beautiful day. Upper 70's, halcyon breezes, just perfect weather. My feet are not so happy, all my callouses are gone from lack of use.

Our furnace and hot water burn diesel. While we were in Seattle, the RV went through about 18-20 gallons. Since we can't drive the RV, we're bringing fuel to the RV. Jim's leaving for Seattle next Thursday and I want to burn diesel with abandon in his absence. We got the fuel, but we're going to need a funnel. The spout is too short. It's always something.

May continues her stay in the hospital. At this point we don't know what's going to happen next.

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