Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Later the Same Day

Beautiful day! Just gorgeous. I hiked about 5 miles, did the usual plus a little more.

When were first learning the trails in the Tucson Mountain Park, this was our landmark. It's visible from just about everywhere and we'd use him to navigate. We call him the Tiki God. He looks like a Tiki, doesn't he?

Then, after all this loveliness and happiness, the wretched TV finally died. There's no more sound. So aggravating, just makes me want to throw it through the window. So, now I'm back to the little TV in the interim. There's a definite trip hazard on the floor.

Overhead I have secured the coax, so that is not a hazard. I really really want this resolved.

This ends my reportage for Tuesday in the Old Pueblo.

1 comment:

  1. wow look at those blue skies! are you mtn biking at all?