Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whistler BC Trip Report

So, we went to Whistler, BC for mountain biking and sight seeing. This is the view from our hotel room. It's at the base of the Whistler mountain bike park. They have a huge number of trails for those who partake in down hilling. Lessons are available, but we didn't take one. It's a spandex free zone, so much shopping would have had to occur to kit out for the event. It does look like fun, but it's a type of riding that would require travel (to the mtb park) to do.

The ski area has put much money into infrastructure for winter sports as well as bringing people in for the summer. One of their nifty new things is the Peak to Peak gondola. One can now ride to the top of Whistler and take the gondola to Blackcomb. It's the longest unsupported stretch of gondola cable on the planet. It's pretty dang impressive.

The view from the gondola.

The view from the top of Blackcomb.

What's wrong with this picture? It's 12 degrees C! I do not know what we were thinking when we put clothes on. More would have been better. After a brief, brisk hike we headed back down to Whistler Village.

There are many sports done in the area. These people were marching off to kayak, in wet suits.

Guy on stilts in the Village.

Part of the mountain bike trail system we did not ride.

Whistler is a some what frustrating place to ride cross country. For you non-MTBers, cross country people are the ones who ride trails and do not down hill. Down hillers are a breed unto themselves. Anyway, the trails are nice and beautifully groomed, but there was no skill building on them. The single track was plentiful, but too difficult for Jim and me. Skill building on the single track looked like it would be really painful due steepness, rocks and roots.

It was a fun weekend. The area is just stupendously beautiful.

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