Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer, RibFest & EP Study

Summer is trailing off to an end in fits and starts, or would that be fits and finishes. Anyway, we hiked the Chirico trail Saturday morning, it was just too gloomy to ride. Another tree has fallen across the trail. We can't tell if it's a new tree, or the uphill section of an old dead fall. What ever it is, it's large.

When we got off the trail it had started to clear, there were many people jumping off PooPoo point with their paragliders. We were watching one guy coming in for a landing, he was fairly low to the ground and his chute just quit flying. I think he dropped 20 feet or so. He got up and signaled that he was ok.

Saturday night was RibFest at the Carlson/O'Briants.

Here is Vicki in her western hat with the feather boa trim.

There was a big pile of ribs. I love the colors of the greek salad against the bowl.

Here is Dave slicing up another pile of ribs hot off the barbie.

It was a good party. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was the EP study. It was worse than I thought it would be. My expectation was that there would be mass drugs; but no, there were minimal drugs and much wakefulness. Apparently when they try to provoke the arrhythmia, if you're doped to the gills the arrhythmia often goes to sleep. Insertion of the harpoons into the veins was fairly uncomfortable. Part of the procedure is to give a drug that makes the heart beat very fast, which will possibly trigger an arrhythmia. They were able to replicate my really fast one and then burn the pathways. The burn is done with a small microwave tip. Midway through one pulse, something attached to my butt started getting really hot. I whined about it and they were right on it, and got the patch moved. They kept me overnight, which was good since there was unexpected bleeding. Today I'm tired and a little sore. The upshot is that I did not show atrial fibrillation, just flutter. So, I'm currently off heart drugs and we'll see if I stay in a regular rhythm.

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