Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Existentialist Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Why, we just have to ask why. Why does anyone need to tow a 5th wheel with a truck this big? Why does the truck need a "private RV" sign on it that's this large? Why.

Look at the burgundy rails on the back of the truck. We haven't seen it, but our neighbor Mel says the rails rotate 90 degrees (with a Jeep on them) and then ramps are extended to the ground. Their Jeep then winches itself down the the ramp. This allows them to offload the car without unhooking the RV from the truck. This has got to be one of those things that you do, to prove you can do it. The 5th wheel looks to be about a 40 footer, with 8 wheels on two axles.

We are so depressed. Jim walked out this morning to dump the kitchen grey tank. It's leaking again, big time. I can't stand it.

Note to self: Somewhere in this time frame was another right ear infection.

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