Monday, August 16, 2010

Return of Summer to the GPNW

Summer is back! We've had 3 days of temps in the 90s. It's newsworthy, the evening news is dedicating a lot of air time to the fact that it's hot. Fear not, brave north westerners, highs will drop back into the upper 60s in a couple of days.
I found this on the web the other day. It's a cool shot of the Blue Angels over Lake Washington.

We went back to see the cardiac electrophysiologist after the treadmill stress test. As we thought, it provided no new diagnostic data. He had my LifeWatch monitor tracing from April 18 up on the computer screen. I thought it was pretty interesting. Not being a trained cardiologist, it looks irregular as all get out to me, but he thinks it's organized. So, there you go. I'm going to have the EP study August 31 unless I chicken out. The idea is still weirding me out pretty much. Just writing this paragraph makes me short of breath due to apprehension. We'll move on to a different topic now.

Saturday we rode up to Snoqualmie Falls and out into the hinterlands. It's a nice ride. This is one of the prettiest stretches of the route. This area used to be a mill town, and the former residents planted sycamore trees along the road. The houses are gone, but the trees remain.

Going back to the car, we passed a stretch on a side road where there must have been a mile of parked cars. Saturday was the day to float on the river. It's really shallow, we watched a guy step out of his tube, and it was only up to his knees.

There is nothing much else to report. Thursday we are driving up to Whistler BC to go mountain biking at the ski area there. A road trip will be good, it should provide more interesting blog content.

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