Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer in the GPNW

I am a hot blogger. It's warm today, as I sit in my Lazy Boy recliner with my lap top in my lap, it's pretty toasty. This was a trying week, Tuesday I had a two hour visit with the dentist and came out with two temporaries. Thursday I was back with a broken temporary and then again on Friday. Three trips to the dentist - three!
This is the Carnation Valley, it's one of the most beautiful places in the Puget Sound area, and so far has not fallen to the rapacious developers of suburbia. There used to be more cows than there are now, which may be a bad sign. There is still a lot of agriculture and growing of flowers for the Pike Place Market.

Part of the river system out in the valley.

I like this sign. I looked them up, they rescue horses.

Today Jim went over to his mother's house to visit. This is the view of Agate Pass from the back deck.

Jim's Mom with Jim.

On the way down to the ferry dock to pick up Jim, I drove by Safeco Field, where there was a Mariner's game. I was taking pictures of the crowd, these two posed for me.

This is taken from the I90 floating bridge. The mountain (Mt. Rainier) was out.

Summer in the GPNW is shaping up pretty well. We are so happy to not be on the east coast at this time.

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