Monday, July 19, 2010

Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

This past weekend was the Seattle to Portland bicycle classic. Approximately 10,500 people rode 200 miles from here to there. We got up at oh:dark:thirty and drove over to Vicki and Dave's to drop off our luggage and ride from their house. It was 56 degrees, overcast and damp upon leaving. Seattle was experiencing a marine push which keeps it pretty dang cool in the summer. It remained cool and cloudy for the first 80 miles. After a beautiful lunch in Tenino, prepared by Beth and Vicki, the clouds finally parted and it warmed up. Jim and I got off the bikes in Chehalis - we did 100 miles and called her good. It was very nice to remove the bike shorts and get in the car.
Beth and Jim in repose on a park bench.

Vicki riding in the sun.

This is the egg co-op in Winlock.

The World's Biggest Egg.

This is the start of day two. Again we had the marine push. This is the Longview Bridge. I rode over it this year, it's kind of creepy due to large expansion joints in the concrete. We crossed it without incident.

Here we are at the Deer Island food stop for the annual eating of the hot dog. Beth, and her husband Steve are enjoying the local cuisine.

I've never seen this before, it's an elliptical trainer with wheels. So basically this guy ran all the way to Portland.

The finish is in Portland at the Holladay Park. Kim and Jim Waddle met us there. They're back in Portland, attending weddings this summer.
It's a great venue. STP gets really good bands to play at the finish. This year's band did a really good cover of Mustang Sally. I think this is the most crowded we've seen it so far.

People tend to dress for the event.

More elliptical trainers with wheels.

Sunday night we had dinner at the Veritable Quandary. It's a really good restaurant in downtown Portland. This is my salad, is it not lovely?

So, Jim and I did 130 miles this weekend. At the end of the ride I felt like my posterior had been sand papered, but overall I rode better than I anticipated. Jim rode well, and did 90% of the work towing me southward.
We're home now and tired. Tomorrow we will sleep late and set no alarm clocks!

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