Thursday, July 8, 2010

Melting in the GPNW

It has really warmed up here in the GPNW. Today was a record setting 95 degrees. We left on the bicycles at 9:30 (which is early for us) and set out to spend time on the bikes. We have not been doing long rides of late, and since we have signed up to do some of the Seattle to Portland ride, we need to toughen up our bottoms. So, we rode from Issaquah, across Lake Washington and around the north end of the lake. I have to tell you, the last hour was trying, I have not been that hot in since I can remember. We got 60 miles, so now we know we can go that far.
This is a marina on Lake Washington at Leschi.

While riding through Lake Forest Park we heard the sound of locked up truck tires sliding down the road. A fence company truck hit the back of this poor Honda so hard he went through the intersection. I feel so sorry for the kid, he was moving and had a car full of stuff, much of which was broken in the crash. They insurance company will probably total his car and give him no money. For an economically precarious person, something like this can just be the end. There was a police officer on scene who saw it all, so at least he has a good witness.

Yesterday's visit to Erik the physical therapist was good, he worked on loosening up my left shoulder and gently chided me for not using the stability ball to keep my core strong. I think that will be my biggest problem on STP, my back gets tired, and then too much weight goes on to my hands which kills my shoulder. It's going to be a storage issue, but we're going to get another ball and use it.
So, we'll be riding up until STP and trying to convince our bottoms to stay on the bike.

Update to post: Tyler (kid in the Honda) was moving back in to his parents' house when he was hit, so he's not going to be rendered homeless by this. It was not his week, he'd broken his arm two days before the car accident.

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