Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer arrives in the GPNW

Summer arrived today in Seattle. It was glorious. The natives are delirious with joy that the high pressure system has finally established itself. We rode on Mercer Island today. This is the Luther Burbank park. It used to be a school for delinquent boys. Jim's Mom was the Vice-Principal there in the 60's. Today it is a huge park on the the shores of Lake Washington.

Honestly, is there any place as lovely as the GPNW when the sun is out?

After riding we went by a vegetable/fruit stand/nursery for stuff for dinner. They have a lot of nice looking food and flowers.

Then it was off to REI to look at heart rate monitors. This is so weird, when I ride with my heart rate monitor on the mountain bike, it works fine. Today it spent about 30% of the ride showing zero. What is up with that? I really like the one I have now, it has one button. All of the newer ones have 5 buttons, this is bad. I'm not good with small electronics, 5 buttons are going to be a problem for me. Jim has to re-set my bike computer as it is, if I have 5 buttons, I'll never be able to touch the heart rate monitor.

Tomorrow we're off to the physical therapist to see if he can do something with my pesky left shoulder that is so troublesome.

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