Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Perfect Start to the Day

Monday was a halcyon day. We rode up to the U with friends for coffee. We met a northern neighbor and spent a delightful hour sitting outside talking and enjoying the day. After coffee Jim an I rode out east on the 3rd Avenue bike way to Wilmot. Then we came back to the U.

It was lunch time by then, so we went to La Salsa for lunch, again sitting outside. Then it was back to the park to do laundry. Riding back in the early afternoon was a treat because the wind had not come up.

Someone who has not been identified left tissue in a pocket. We had little shreds of tissue everywhere. It required vacuuming the RV after hanging up the clothes that do not go in the dryer. I think we may have to go to a twice a week washing schedule. I was out of bike shorts by the time we did this.

Thursday I am having surgery to close the hole in my eardrum, it's called a tympanoplasty. The surgeon will harvest skin from somewhere to graft on to the eardrum to close the hole. They access the eardrum by cutting behind the ear and folding it forward. While intellectually I recognize the importance of closing the hole, I'm approaching this with a large sense of dread. It's interesting how little information the surgeon provided on possible poor outcomes (facial paralysis, loss of taste and smell, loss of balance, deafness). One wonders if they just don't like to dwell on the negative, or if they assume the patient will ferret all of this out on the web. It does make me wonder about the concept of informed consent. It's difficult to know how long recovery will be, the post-op instructions say some people miss 3-7 days of work. One wonders if other people go to work the next day, or if they're out for a month.
Probability is high that I will be posting pictures, how could you not want to see someone else's surgical incisions?

I have discovered two new blogs from the GPNW. Their photography is really nice. Here they are.
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