Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Mystery Solved in the Old Pueblo

This is our third winter in Tucson. Since arriving we have been mystified as to why there are CO2 cartridges everywhere on the roads in south Tucson. As a bicyclist I like to think of myself and my fellow cyclists as responsible citizens, would cyclists really throw that many empty CO2 cartridges on the ground after fixing a flat? Why would there be piles of them on the ground? Was there a mass flatting? Saturday Jim asked a bicycle police officer "what's up with the cartridges all over the place?" As it turns out, the cartridges used to make whipped cream are filled with nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas). They're called whippets. Apparently there is a segment of south Tucson's population that's driving around in cars, transferring nitrous oxide from the canisters to balloons, and they're getting high - while driving. Another sign that I have totally lost touch with my culture.

Yesterday was not a good day, had a lot of pain in my face and jaw. Today has been much better. Our outing for today was to drive up to AJ's Fine Foods and Campbell and Sunrise. We also toured the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. They are such pretty stores. After that I was pretty much whacked so we came home. This was taken in the parking lot. Very upscale shopping there.

Look at that sky - really blue. I am wasting perfect weather this week. It never fails.

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