Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Souls' Procession

Sunday was the All Souls' Procession in Tucson. It's a local variation of the Mexican Day of the Dead ceremonies. It was started in 1990 by the 4th Avenue Merchants. Thousands of people mass on 4th Avenue and then process for about a mile and a half. Then there is a ceremonial burning of prayers in the cauldron. Many people turn out in elaborate costumes. I don't think this young man was in costume, but you gotta love the hair.

More typical for the event.

Not sure what this was going to be, it looked like it would be elaborate.

Little girl in a shop window - she was just entranced by the whole thing.

Everybody has a camera these days. The photographer with the red sleeves was posing people, I think he was official.

This person was my favorite, I liked the mask a lot.

It was fun to see the decorated people. We didn't do the actual procession, that much slow walking kills my back so we returned home as it got too dark to take pictures.

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