Saturday, November 21, 2009

El Tour de Tucson

Today was the Tour de Tucson, actually for some people doing the long courses, it still is. We got up early, hoping to see the leaders come through by the RV park, but we were not early enough. The 109 milers left downtown at 0700 hours, and were already going by us at 0720. It was a chilly morning!

We drove to the 80 mile start, which was out at a community college at Irvington and Houghton. Everyone rides the same course, your mileage depends on where you start. These people had come out to view the festivities with cow bells.

So these are the leaders 29 miles into the ride. Notice the pack bearing down on them.

The pack in hot pursuit.

At 9:00 they released the 80 mile group. They had to come out of a side street and merge in to the 109 mile group. It was successful, no one collided with one another.

And here he is, JimE who is doing the 109 mile course today.

After Jim came by, we went back to the RV, had breakfast, and then I went back to sleep for 3 hours. I'm still tired.

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