Friday, November 20, 2009

Graphic Pictures of my Ear!

Ok, the first picture isn't bad, I'm just giving you time to decide if you want to see the gooey side. I got home yesterday about 2:00, laid around the house and napped, had pudding and noodles for dinner so I wouldn't have to chew. Chewing hurts some. Sleeping was difficult, I have slept on my left side forever, but that won't be happening for awhile.

This incision gives them access to the ear drum. They cut there so they can fold the ear forward and work in the ear canal. They put packing behind the ear drum, graft tissue on to the ear drum and then put more packing on top of the ear drum. Then it's all topped off with a giant cotton ball and a big band aid.

The other weird side effect is a metallic taste on the tongue. One of the 6 nerves that goes to the tongue goes right through the ear where he was working. The surgeon says it always goes away. We'll see. On the bright side, I have had no nausea or vomiting, which is very common with this procedure.

So, for the next two weeks, Jim has to wash my hair for me while I hold a plastic cup over my ear so that no water can get into the ear canal. That might be worth a picture (not!). Maybe in a couple of days we'll be hiking again. No biking can be done until I can turn my head to the right side. Other than that, I have nothing new to report. Convalescence is boring.

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