Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scam Alert for

Sunday, as we all know due to extensive advertising, is Mother's day. Jim sent flowers to his mom using Proflowers. Boy howdy are we done with them. Apparently there is a screen in the ordering process that requests your zip code, by filling in your zip code you are signing up for something called EZSVER. There's a 30 day "free trial" for which they charge $1.95. If you do not opt out, they then start charging you $14.95 a month. We're still in the dark as to what service they provide. The thing is, Proflowers is giving your credit card number to these people. There are complaints all over the web about this. I called the credit card company, they recognized the company name immediately. The $1.95 is off the card, but I still have to call EZSVER on Monday and opt out. This is aggravating in the extreme.
So, if you're using Proflowers, check your credit card statement.

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