Monday, May 25, 2009

Charlotte NC - Memorial Day

I am Swamp Thing. No really, I feel like moss is growing between my toes, my face glistens with excess dewiness and I am dank. The humidity here is just staggering. Last night's NASCAR race was rained out, it was dumping pigs and chickens again. We felt bad for tent central. It's not raining today, but there are equal parts water and oxygen in the air. Dry skin is not longer a problem for us.
This is our teeny tiny filing box. It struck me the other day how different things are when I was putting service receipts for the truck in it. We used to have a two drawer filing cabinet that was just stuffed with receipts, warranties, and all the rest of the documents associated with modern living. All gone. We now fit in a teeny tiny filing box.

Here is Jim, washing the truck in front of my brother's house. The famed Carolina blue skies have not been in evidence since we arrived.

More on the NASCAR and camping phenomenon. This is what people like to do here. They bring their travel trailers out, deploy the awnings in case it rains, and plug in the flat screen TV. These guys have been parked in front of that TV watching race coverage all day. They have their racing signal flags on the awning support, and yes, that is a Confederate flag on the far right. Truly I am not in touch with this segment of American culture.

Today, camp is breaking up, and they're all going home. It's a good day to not be traveling. Enjoy your Memorial Day.

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